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With 37 years in the fire protection industry, Mark uses simPRO to keep him covered

Brad Halcrow  28 February, 2018

Richdale Fire was purchased by Bartley Group in March this year and rebranded as RFS Fire & Compliance. As Project Manager for Bartley, Lynda Hocquard was charged with ensuring that RFS had the necessary infrastructure to ensure the success of the business into the future.

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Latest simPRO update: track your activity

Belinda Kelly  15 February, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from 18th of February 2018, will provide new features to save you precious time when accessing emails and tasks.

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Latest simPRO update: improve your workflow

Belinda Kelly  2 February, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from 4th of February 2018, will assist you to improve your daily workflow.

We’ve listened to your feedback to ensure you stay ahead of the game in the evolving global landscape.

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Strong NZ demand drives expansion to South Island

Belinda Kelly  1 February, 2018

More companies in New Zealand will be able to streamline their businesses and increase profits with our expansion to the South Island to cater for increased demand.

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Supporting the country’s largest network of trade businesses

Brad Halcrow  29 January, 2018

Scott Carr has been with the Laser Group since the very beginning. Originally the Laser Group had built their own software. Over time, developing, maintaining and supporting the software was taking away the focus from what they do best - supporting their members.

Nowadays, the Laser Group is a 240-strong network of plumbers and electricians across New Zealand and Australia, running on a reliable, robust system that’s growing with them.

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Latest simPRO update: Go the extra mile with formatting

Elfie Tan  24 January, 2018

Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from January 21st, is one of the most requested features on the Ideas Portal. The rich text editor gives you more formatting choices for text in your emails, descriptions and notes!

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Building new foundations becomes key to award winning business growth

Brad Halcrow  5 December, 2017

It was in 2011 Scott Aldridge decided to go it alone as a Sole Trader electrician. Around the same time, Christchurch had begun rebuilding the city following that tragic earthquake that left so much devastation. Work for the trade services was plentiful. In the following months, there was no shortage of work when the growth of RED Electrical began.

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Latest simPRO update: Have the total invoice amount automatically inserted in your email templates

Caitlin Maynard  24 November, 2017

In simPRO’s latest update, you can now have simPRO automatically pull the total invoice amount from the job and insert it into your email using insert fields in your email templates.

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Increase your profit in 90 days

The Business Factory  15 November, 2017

Gaining larger profits depends on accomplishing all the little things better – rather than making one huge change. You’ll need to focus on every little detail to reduce your expenses and increase your sales turnover over the coming 90 days.

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How to ensure your jobs are profitable.

Tony Fraser-Jones  18 July, 2017

This is a guest post from Tony Fraser-Jones, Director at Profitable Tradie.

If you’re in business, making decent money is important. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t always work out the way you’d planned; you may find that your profits are low, or your cash flow is slow.

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Key management skills to grow your business

The Business Factory  13 April, 2017

Many small business owners start out with a good business idea but little concept of what it takes to manage and grow a business.

The good news is that you can definitely learn and improve your management skills as your business grows.

And while there isn’t a definitive list of skills, the ones we’ve listed below could help you to build your initial vision and develop your business to its full potential.

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Managing your workplace health and safety

Master Electricians NZ  22 March, 2017

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. As a business owner or director, you need to be deliberate to make sure everyone who comes to work goes home healthy and safe.

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Chaos in your office? Four ways to get your office under control in 2017

Tony Fraser-Jones  14 February, 2017

Does your office feel chaotic?

A well-organised, efficient office is key to running a trade service business that’s both profitable and fun to own.

Here are four simple steps you can take to get your office under control.

How to go from self-employed to successful business owner

Erin Haywood  31 January, 2017

Seven vehicles on the road. Ten electricians in the field. One business owner working overtime, all the time...

Such was the norm for L&L Electrical, a versatile electrical services company in Campbelltown, Victoria, and proud owner John Libroaperto.

Proud and successful owner he was, yes – but at a hefty cost in a most valuable currency: time.

Was starting work before the sun was up and finishing well after it was down the only way to be successful?

Doing away with the paperwork once and for all

Master Plumbers  5 December, 2016

By getting smart with new technologies, your trades business can improve its bottom line.

A typical day in a plumbing business sees the team out on the road, on site, at the merchant and in the workshop. It’s a diverse job and it’s always on the go.

Let’s be honest. Most tradespeople are the hands-on type, and don’t have much time—or inclination—to be stuck at the desk doing the paperwork.