The team at Daltons are specialists in their field. In fact, this has been the niche for Daltons since the outset back in 1966 when now Managing Director Bruce’s father began the business. Nowadays, their services remain in high demand. A strong investment in staff has kept Dalton Electrical at the top of their game.

A strong team culture

In such a high-tech industry, the team must often deal with high-stress situations where a business could potentially lose tens of thousands of dollars by the hour. It’s up to the tech on site to get the problem solved – no matter what time of day. This is where a strong team culture is paramount.

Bruce Dalton - Dalton Electrical

To call on a colleague in the middle of the night to lend a hand takes a special kind of respect between staff and it’s something Bruce doesn’t take lightly.

So how does Bruce build and nurture such a strong team culture? Finding, training and taking care of his team takes considerable resources, but he really does go above and beyond.

One particular team building venture is delivered through non-for-profit organisation Outward Bound. Eight days in the wilderness with no outside contact and various self discovery exercises not only taught the Daltons resilience, but also drastically increased their communication skills.

This is brought back to the team at work and helps everyone understand the power of team culture.

The software

As for the software, the Daltons had tried a few different approaches – and even tried building their own! But it wasn’t without headache and was soon outgrown.

simPRO has given Bruce the ability to measure and manage productivity to understand where staff strengths lie and where they need help.

Bruce Dalton - Dalton Electrical

Being the best

These guys strive to be the best in everything they do. Awards proudly fill the shelves and walls everywhere you turn in the office. Alongside the awards are photos of team adventures.

Bruce Dalton - Dalton Electrical