Breaking free from the office

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Meet Dan. Dan started his electrical business D&B Electrical Services five years ago from his own home and gradually grew the business to include a full-time technician, an administration person, and various sub-contractors when needed.

As his business expanded, Dan opened an office but one thing stayed the same: everything was paper based including job sheets, time cards and the schedule of work.

That meant that Dan’s Journey from self-employed tradesman to business owner was taking him from the place where he was most valuable – the job site where he could quote for new work and oversee projects – to being stuck in the office doing low value paperwork.

To make matters worse, despite his long hours in the office, invoicing was a constant headache. He didn’t always know who had chased what invoice, who had paid, or what invoices were owed, creating friction with some customers while other debts were allowed to slide.

To cut his stress level and get his Journey back on track, Dan went searching for a software program that could do quotes, invoicing, project management and more. He found simPRO.

When Dan started with simPRO he was worried about the scale of what he was taking on but the face-to-face training and online support he received quickly set his fears to rest.

At this early stage in his simPRO Journey, Dan is already finding that with Enterprise in the office and Connect in the field he’s been able to reduce his time in the office.

“The system has been so convenient, that even his contractors have been happy to use it because it makes their lives easier.” Dan Ogden

And in the key area of invoicing, Dan’s accountant can now easily see who’s paid, exactly where they’re up to, and chase any outstanding bills, leaving Dan to do the work he wants to do.

Dan is planning to grow his business significantly by getting more service work from councils and local factories and as he does, simPRO will grow along with him. We will follow his Journey with interest.

“The other day at a job the customer queried an invoice. We could log on, show them the job sheet, amend there and then, and reissue there and then as well.” Dan Ogden