Can quoting time really be reduced by more than 70% ?

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It’s hard to put in writing exactly how simPRO has benefited Kaluca Plumbing, Heating & Electrical. Business owner Ian tells it like it is. His appreciation for the benefits simPRO has brought to his business is obvious in the video below.

This is part two of a two-part series that follows Ian from Kaluca Heating, Plumbing and Electrical.

One of the most astonishing benefits Ian has noticed is how quickly he can now produce quotes, although drastic reductions in quoting and estimating time are common for businesses who switch to simPRO.

We advertise that quoting time is reduced by up to 70%; Ian says that’s a modest figure.

“Quotes that took me an hour and a half in the past I can now do in 3 or 4 minutes.” Ian Lucas, Kaluca Plumbing, Heating & Electrical

The value of training

Initially, Ian trialled simPRO Service. When it was time to upgrade from Service to simPRO Enterprise, he baulked at the cost required for training. As it turns out, it’s the best money he’s ever spent.

“When there was a cost involved in training I was reluctant and wary, however, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.”

simPRO training isn’t just software training. It’s a business service for the trade industry, an opportunity to spend time with an expert who has trained hundreds of others just like you.

simPRO trainers thoroughly understand when you should bend to fit the software (which is based on industry standards and many years of development based on customer feedback) and when the software needs to bend to suit your requirements.

In other words, it’s an enormous opportunity to understand the big picture and your own business.

“The support is absolutely priceless. It’s worth every single penny.”

In the field with simPRO Connect

Ian’s staff are completely on board; in fact, Ian says they’re raving fans. They now have all the information they need literally in their hand, including all the details of the job at hand.

“It’s the best software I’ve come across.”

For breakdowns, access to the job’s history such as who carried out the work and what was done has been a game changer.

Watch the video below – Ian says it well.