Case Study – Elite Electrical Inspections

We interviewed Russell Bailey who heads up the team at Elite Electrical Inspections. Elite service the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand and surrounding areas.

Russel's needs were simple: a system that keeps all the details of their detailed inspections up to date, allowing the team to concentrate on the job at hand.

The Challenge:

Russell's approach to Job Management was similar to that of many trade business owners - he kept all his jobs in his head. He used an old paper-based system and found that the business relied on his ability to keep everything on track.

Because he was so busy working in the business, he would lose track of the status of the jobs and sometimes even miss charging them.

“I couldn't have grown my business without the help of simPRO.” Russell Bailey

The Solution:

simPRO Enterprise software. Russell tells us “simPRO has been brilliant for job management and job scheduling and saves the whole team time.”

The Result:

Because the business is now organised and following a system that works, Russell no longer misses out on charging jobs. What's more, in 6 months, Elite Electrical has contracted more work, growing the business and allowing them to expand with a new staff member.

Having his whole business online and given Russell the confidence that the company can run without him being physically present; he can still check up on the jobs while not in the office.

“We went live with simPRO 6 months ago and I haven't looked back.”