simPRO Management Set To Take Business To New Heights

Belinda Kelly   2 July, 2018

simPRO has appointed a new General Manager to oversee its New Zealand growth strategy.

Introducing simPRO Mobile & the Quote and Sales Module

Madeline Reynolds   29 June, 2018

In our next update for simPRO Enterprise rolling out from June 29 2018, you can boost customer engagement and generate more revenue on the go with the new simPRO Mobile app containing the Quote and Sales Module. Initially for Android only, this update will be followed closely with a release for iOS.

NZ Roadshows Roundup!

Madeline Reynolds   15 May, 2018

Recently we wrapped on the roadshow adventure across New Zealand!

A massive thanks to all of our attendees, organizers and anyone else who took part in the wonderful experience enjoyed by all.

Top tips for simPRO Service trials

Helen Hampshire   6 February, 2017

Just signed up for your free 14-day trial of simPRO Service? Want to know where to start? Here are my top tips for getting set up with Service and making the most of your trial.

Step one: open the instruction manual...

Erin Haywood   1 December, 2016

We’ve all been there, done that, and – unfortunately – it’s likely most of us will do it again.

What is it, you ask? Well...

It’s why you almost ruined your newly installed washing machine (remove the transit bolts, people! Or was that just me...). It’s why you still don’t know how to use all of the settings on your camera (which is no longer new). It’s why it’s making a noise when it’s not supposed to. Or, it’s why it’s not making a noise when it’s supposed to...

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