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Chaos in Your Office? Four Ways to Get Your Office Under Control in 2019

Tony Fraser-Jones   4 December, 2018

A well organised, efficient office is a key ingredient to running a plumbing business that is both profitable and fun to own. Does your office feel chaotic? Invoices piling up? Slow paying clients? A pile of quotes? Are you reliant on one or two key people who if they moved on would cause you major headaches? Getting your office under control so you can “work on your business” can be broken down into four simple steps.

8 ways to improve job profitability

Madeline Reynolds   9 November, 2018

With the global population climbing ever higher, and technology continuing to advance, the market for trade service businesses is experiencing fantastic levels of growth. As it expands however, many owners and operators in this sector may find their business models unable to keep up, and staff struggling to meet customer demand and expectation.

6 reasons to use SMS for your business

Madeline Reynolds   8 November, 2018

SMS messages are a technological feat not uncommon by any means to the thriving digital world around us. However, with a read rate of nearly 100%, what does sometimes seem lost on trade contracting businesses is the value of this simple service when it comes to improving ease of communication.

How to have difficult conversations with team members

Tony Fraser-Jones   5 October, 2018

As your business grows you hire tradesmen and office staff. It’s an exciting time full of possibilities. However, after a few months the niggles set in.

Enabling IoT for your simPRO-powered business

Curtis Thomson   20 June, 2018

In a series of articles I have talked about IoT and the massive potential it holds for field service businesses, as well as what to do in order to start preparing your business for IoT.

Taking AIM at provisional tax

MYOB   8 March, 2018

If you’re one of the many SMEs operating in New Zealand, you’ll know how difficult and time-consuming provisional tax compliance can be. Particularly if trying to make the calculations without accounting software or help from a financial advisor, business owners are often left frustrated knowing their time and efforts could have been spent elsewhere.

Tech basics for field mobility

Erin Haywood   13 February, 2018

The right mobility solutions are critical for those in the field service industry with ease of use, accessibility, and security being some of the most important must-haves.

Strong NZ demand drives expansion to South Island

Belinda Kelly   1 February, 2018

More companies in New Zealand will be able to streamline their businesses and increase profits with our expansion to the South Island to cater for increased demand.

Projecting cash flow to build a more resilient business

Erin Haywood   19 December, 2017

Cash flow is the single most important aspect of financial management for any small -- or large -- business. Running out of cash is the major reason businesses fail.

As a business owner, making sure you have cash available (or at least the potential to generate cash) to meet your obligations is not only essential for survival, but is in many cases a legal obligation.

Increase your profit in 90 days

The Business Factory   15 November, 2017

Gaining larger profits depends on accomplishing all the little things better – rather than making one huge change. You’ll need to focus on every little detail to reduce your expenses and increase your sales turnover over the coming 90 days.