Business decisions based on accurate data

Brad Halcrow   10 September, 2018

In 1946, George Bunning opened a white goods store. To this day, the business is still in the family. GB Teat has a team of 32 staff and remains competitive thanks to accurate data and definitive processes.

Keeping the team together through periods of rapid growth

Brad Halcrow   16 August, 2018

Craig Bowie began his plumbing career back in 2005. To launch their journey into entrepreneurship Craig and wife Sarah bought an existing business in August of 2013. Now, with a Business of the Year award to their name and a team of 36 they’ve found a recipe for success that allows the venture to run itself when they need it to.

Building new foundations becomes key to award winning business growth

Brad Halcrow   5 December, 2017

It was in 2011 Scott Aldridge decided to go it alone as a Sole Trader electrician. Around the same time, Christchurch had begun rebuilding the city following that tragic earthquake that left so much devastation. Work for the trade services was plentiful. In the following months, there was no shortage of work when the growth of RED Electrical began.

Time to take that holiday

Erin Haywood   20 February, 2017

‘There are just not enough hours in the day!’ you cry with a desperation rivalling Tom Hanks’ Wilson-I’m-Sorry and fall to your knees in despair.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But if you’re a business owner, I’m sure that sentiment or something like it has at least crossed your mind before. Maybe more than once.

And when you’re working crazy hours six or seven days a week just to get everything done, sometimes a deserted island with only a volleyball for company doesn’t actually sound so bad...

Using tablets for national expansion

Brad Halcrow   25 October, 2016

Clarksons Electrical is a family owned company based in Albany, New Zealand, now managed by 2nd generation David Clarkson. Five years ago, David set his sights on growing Clarksons nationally – and that he’s done. In the five years David has been in the General Manager’s chair, the company’s opened five offices across the country and grown to more than a hundred staff.

Redundant employee becomes entrepreneur

Brad Halcrow   5 September, 2016

The thought of being made redundant probably doesn’t bring a smile to your face. But, for Jeff Phillips, losing his job 25 years ago is what drove the success he enjoys today.

Laser Group and simPRO Software: A large scale recipe for success

Brad Halcrow   13 April, 2014

Last year we were approached by Laser Group looking for a solution to a pressing problem. In a rapidly expanding franchise network of plumbing and electrical companies in Australia and New Zealand, Laser found themselves asking “what is the best possible management tool we can offer these companies that will help them achieve the long term success we strive for? ” Laser Plumbing & Electrical recently featured on several episodes of Better Homes & Gardens

HPAC move to the cloud with simPRO Enterprise

Brad Halcrow   5 February, 2014

Heat Pump Energy Centre operates from Christchurch and have been in business for more than 25 years. We speak to Rachel about simPRO Enterprise and the family owned business which constitutes 35 full time employees and ten sub contractors. In their industry, time and material tracking is essential for monitoring costs, ensuring invoices are submitted and checking profitability for each job as they are processed. Rachel explains that they were using a job management system prior to Enterprise, however the system had become redundant and exorbitant on their resources. The benefits of cloud computing was also a major factor for upgrading.

Plumbquick and Allied Plumbing – Case Study

Brad Halcrow   10 October, 2012

Steve Frogley from Plumbquick and Allied Plumbing in Auckland New Zealand met with us recently to dicuss how simPRO has helped improve his business. Steve and his team have used a number of software systems over the years with a desire to make their business as efficient as possible, while still delivering great customer solutions.

Case Study – Elite Electrical Inspections

Brad Halcrow   17 November, 2011

We interviewed Russell Bailey who heads up the team at Elite Electrical Inspections. Elite service the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand and surrounding areas. Russel's needs were simple: a system that keeps all the details of their detailed inspections up to date, allowing the team to concentrate on the job at hand.