Our next update to simPRO Service and Enterprise, rolling out from June 10, 2018, includes improvements to site imports and exports, as well as some new features that make paying commissions easier and faster.

So, what’s new?

  • Include commission as a resource cost of a job
  • Commission report updated
  • Improvements to site import and export feature

Including commission as a resource cost

In Enterprise, we have created a way to pay commission to your technicians and salespeople without the extra admin time. Instead of commission being determined following a job invoice and payment, you can now record it as part of a total job cost.

By selecting a trigger point (such as a cost centre lock, invoice or payment), you can then include the commission as an actualised resource cost of a job, meaning less paperwork for you and a more readily informed and happy workforce.

Commission report update

The Commission Report has undergone a little makeover and now has an improved layout with additional filters for commission triggers.

Improving site imports and exports

Our improved site import now features more options as well as a cleaner field mapping page, meaning you can choose what fields you want to include, quickly and easily.

During larger site imports, you can now navigate away from the screen, and complete other more pressing tasks with the option to return to the import later.

Finally, now when you export a list of sites, you can filter by custom fields, as well as have your file name time stamped for easy reference.

For more information, check out the video below, or head over to our release notes for a full break down of the update.