Our newest add-on is designed to improve workflow efficiency for data entry, and create a much-needed link to other systems, products or tools that are not integrated with simPRO.

Data Feed enables simPRO Enterprise users to have a one-way integration with any other mechanism that can send emails with data - it strips and then ingests information received via email and uses it to execute a variety of workflows.

The functionality of this exciting new add-on means simPRO Enterprise users can:

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Reduce costs and increase speed for data entry
  • Integrate with almost any system that can send emails
  • Improve data accuracy

Automate manual tasks with Data Feed

Technicians and administrative staff can spend more time with their customer and less time sitting at a computer or staring at a tablet with this new add-on.

Data Feed can process and action a number of different workflows, like creating a job or receipting a purchase order. All that’s needed is the data, which the add-on can extract from emails and allocate to the correct field.

Cost centre descriptions, customer contact names, cost centre notes, and much more can be extracted from emails by Data Feed and used to update job details in simPRO.

Integrate with almost any system that can send emails

This perhaps the most exciting part of this new tool: it’s ability to turn simPRO into a one-way integration machine with any system that can send emails with data.

We know that a large number of our customers use a range of other software, products and tools that are not integrated to simPRO, and this can make some workflows clunky or timely to complete.

With this new add-on we hope to give you the means to truly optimise a number of your workflows and eliminate any unnecessary time spent on data entry.

Improve accuracy, reduce costs and increase speed of data entry

Using Data Feed almost entirely eliminates human error from the equation of data entry in your business.

With this add-on, mistakes become few and far between and your staff will have access to a readily updated system only minutes after an email with information has been ingested by simPRO.

By automating much of the process of data entry, there is also less time dedicated to it, meaning less overtime spent by staff completing basic administrative work, and more money in your bottom line for the things that matter.

Watch the video below for more information, or head over to our release notes to learn more.