Espresso Ninja – Case Study

Espresso Ninja in Wellington New Zealand offers the best espresso machine servicing in the country. With this company aim, they needed a solution that would help them run their business in the best possible manner with the least waste of time.

We talked recently with Michael Howes who spent considerable time and effort investigating appropriate business management systems for his company.

The Challenge

Michael needed to have visibility of his jobs. Being able to see at a glance who is on each job and where the job is up to became a necessity in meeting the expectations of his customers. He also required job tracking and scheduling to quickly and easily show his staff what was required of them each day.

However, the biggest thing for Michael was keeping track of the materials used in the jobs.

“With over 600 parts in our inventory, we carry a fair number on hand and needed to have an effective tracking method of each piece of stock being used” said Michael. “It's a huge part of the everyday running of the business, approximately 70% of the business is involved with stock control. This used to take us hours each day to monitor and adjust stock levels to keep the correct amount of stock on hand. With simPRO I'm saving over 15 hours every month on stock, which I am now using to do more jobs that I can invoice, making the company more profitable ”

The Solution

simPRO software. The iconic trade services management software to manage every operational aspect of a service company. With simPRO, the business has improved its level of efficiency allowing Espresso Ninja to uphold their company claim, and exceed clients' expectations.

Espresso Ninja use Xero as their accounting interface, when asked how the two software programs integrate with each other Michael told us "simPRO flawlessly incorporates with Xero, it performs better than I ever expected."

“simPRO flawlessly incorporates with Xero, it performs better than I ever expected.” Michael Howes

The Result

Now being able to capture all the jobs that are done without having to write everything down all the time, means less paperwork for everyone. Michael now has the opportunity to oversee jobs at the click of a button no matter where he is.

He has complete visibility of what his staff are doing, what parts are being used on every job and is able to effectively track all of the 600 parts to keep closer eye on stock usage & retention.

“We used to have double entry of data, from notes or scraps of paper into a database. Now it's entered once” says Michael. “This is the biggest benefit for the company, making Espresso Ninja more streamlined and efficient. We save hours every week in administration tasks, allowing us to do more work that we can invoice”.

"My customers love the simPRO System, they are able to login online and book their jobs. It's very efficient for their needs and saves them time. They can see the jobs easily and track everything themselves. In fact, I had another two jobs come in this just this morning through the online system, without having to lift a finger myself."