Our next update, rolling out from July 22, 2018, is the first of future releases for the Form Builder feature in simPRO Enterprise.

Yes, you read that correctly! Form Builder is one of the most requested features in the Ideas Portal and we are so excited to finally be bringing it to you.

This new tool provides comprehensive document editing capabilities and gives you more control over the appearance of your project quotes.

So, what’s new?

  • Edit and manage quote templates that are specific to your business needs
  • Use fields in templates to automatically include quote data in your generated document
  • The ability to edit generated documents

Design and format quotes so they are specific to your business

simPRO Enterprise users can choose between a variety of ready-made System Templates for project quotes, or create new ones using standard word processing features.

This functionality gives you the opportunity to make quotes individual to your business, its needs, and your customers through text formatting, hyperlinks, images and layout editing tools.

Pre-fill fields in project quotes with simPRO data

With this Form Builder release you’ll be able to add fields to your templates that can pull corresponding information from simPRO and populate the final form, making the process fast and simple!

Edit your project quote at any time with the Form Editor

The Form Editor is perhaps one of our most exciting tools yet: it gives you the ability to edit your project quote documents at any time, including just before printing or emailing it to your customer!

The opportunities that this tool can afford staff across your business are huge, and we look forward to releasing more functionality in the future.

For more information, check out the video below, or head over to our release notes for a full break down of the update.