Growing the business with better, more affordable software

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Dana Henzler is Vice President of Quality Degree, Inc. An HVAC company based in Royersford, Pennsylvania.

The company currently has three staff members in the office and 20 in the field but they’re looking to grow. As part of their growth strategy QDI aim to increase Maintenance Agreement sales.

After implementing simPRO, the company is now able to track and understand exactly how many Agreements they have active, how many more they need to meet their targets and compare that against how many prospects are in the pipeline.

More features and more affordable

Considering the comprehensive list of benefits and features simPRO has brought to the business, Dana says the cost has been lower than expected. In fact it has been considerably less than the software they had previously used.

Moving to the cloud

Dana lead the push to upgrading all their infrastructure to the cloud.

In these busy times it’s not unusual for crossover to occur between work and personal life. This is where cloud software is literally changing the way we work, allowing us to work remotely. simPRO also integrates seamlessly with many accounting packages, including Quickbooks, which QDI can now use more efficiently.

With business operations being handled by simPRO and financials taken care of with QuickBooks Online, whenever staff need to work from home, they can.

Michelle Tupitza, Install Coordinator saw an advantage of moving to the cloud during heavy snow falls.

“We had some issues here with snow, but because it’s web based, it made things so much easier.” Michelle Tupitza, Install Coordinator, Quality Degree Inc.

Staff can continue work no matter where they are. This is especially helpful to Michelle who processes 100 - 150 invoices a day. Business is good.

Connected to the field

In the field, the simPRO Connect app has saved time and a mountain of paperwork and that’s just the beginning. Technicians in the field are travelling much less because Connect equips them with all the information they need for every job.

They know exactly what equipment is required, what work is required, who to speak to, where to go, the history of the job and more. It represents a new level of professionalism when the tech knows that much detail about a job before it’s begun.

“If you’re moving from paper, or even another solution, it makes things so much easier.” Dana Henzler, Vice President, Quality Degree Inc.

Taking payments in the field has drastically increased cash flow, and being paid for the job before the field technician leaves the site is the ideal situation.

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