Our next update, rolling out from May 27, 2018, focuses on simplifying the import and export process, making updating records easier and faster!

This improvement is part of our continued import / export overhaul to ensure the process is as streamlined, comprehensive and easy to use as possible!

So what’s new?

New fields for Export

We’ve added some new fields to the Customer Export in simPRO, facilitating more comprehensive data in your export.

Some of the new fields we’ve added to Customer Export include:

  • simPRO Customer ID
  • Account Manager
  • Referred By
  • Private Notes

simPRO Customer ID Matching

In this latest release, we’ve added the ability to update and match by simPRO Customer ID, no longer do you have to rely solely on name!

Renamed Export column labels

We have also renamed Export column labels to improve automatic field matching.

Watch the video for more details, or head to our release notes for step-by-step videos.