Our next update to simPRO, rolling out from May 13, 2018, offers improved import capability with extended options for employees and contractors making it simple to use and lightning fast!

So what’s new?

  • Better import functionality.
  • Ability to navigate away and continue working while the import finishes in the background.
  • Improved exporting options for employees and contractors.

Better import functionality.

We have simplified import file mapping and separated employee and contractor options resulting in a faster and easier import process.

Ability to navigate away during import.

Good news! We’ve found the key and freed you from the import feature’s digital confines.

You can now navigate away to other parts of simPRO during an import and use the system as normal instead of studying your reflection in the computer screen while you wait for the import to finish.

Any time you wish to check on your import it will be listed as processing or complete, and you also have the ability to cancel your import at any time.

Improved exporting options for employees and contractors.

We have improved employee and contractor exports for our Enterprise users by including the ability to export custom fields for contractors.

Watch the video below for more details, or head to our release notes for step-by-step videos.