2 countries, 9 cities, 650 attendees and an unhealthy amount of canapes later, we've finally wrapped up - and what a ride it's been.

This year’s roadshow looked to deliver a comprehensive understanding of how simPRO is being built to act as a Single Source of Truth for our customers, and featured the unveiling of some new additions to the simPRO solution.

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For those of you that couldn't make it this time around, here are some of the highlights!

In New Zealand, Sales Manager, Milan Kumar kicked the session off by breaking down a Single Source of Truth, exploring how this approach to business data can benefit owners and operators - particularly when it comes to important processes like reporting and onboarding.

Then, New Zealand General Manager, Ricky Sevta took the stage to present the latest simPRO developments, including:

Wayne Barelds, Product Coordinator, highlighted new functionality and features in simPRO that have been delivered directly as a result of ideas contributed by users the Ideas Portal, including:

Finally, Kate Doherty, the Learning and Development Manager at simPRO, wrapped up the night by showcasing the free learning tools available to simPRO users, including:

And that was it! Following the presentations, there was a Q+A session where users could directly address the simPRO team to ask about upcoming features and further discuss what they needed from simPRO.

The Q2 roadshows were just the start for simPRO's new and exciting approach to taking our solution on the road and bringing answers to users.

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Thanks again to all those who attended, and we will see you at the next simPRO Roadshow!