Our next update, rolling out from November 25, 2018, introduces the VoIP integration to our simPRO Enterprise and Service users! This integration allows our customers to make and receive phone calls in simPRO and is another exciting feature dedicated to improving workflows and bettering functionality. Additionally with this release, we've added a new ‘Save’ and ‘Finish’ button and made some general improvements for Enterprise users.

So, what’s new this time around? Let’s break it down:

  • VoIP integration now available that allows users to make and receive calls in simPRO
  • Bug fixes and operational improvements in simPRO Enterprise
  • Updated ‘Save’ and ‘Finish’ button

New VoIP integration available

simPRO users can now ditch the landline payments and avoid giving out their personal phone number for jobs and customers by installing the new VoIP phone in their simPRO software!

VoIP is what some would call a ‘softphone’, as it does not require hardware and instead uses the internet to make and receive calls in applications and software instead of a telecommunications network.

Customers looking to use the simPRO VoIP will need to source or utilise existing provider plans, however once the integration is turned on and staff credentials have been set up, you are able to make and receive calls from within simPRO.

The simPRO VoIP allows you to continue using your build as normal while you take calls - meaning staff can, for example, create a new customer, contractor or supplier from an unknown number while they are speaking to the person, or use the softphone while working to make outgoing calls to other customers within the simPRO system, provided their details are located in a people card file.

This is an opportunity for those businesses looking to be more digital and save costs as VoIP functionality is typically cheaper than traditional phone plans provided by telecommunication providers.

Bug fixes and operational improvements for Enterprise users

Some of the bug fixes we completed in simPRO Enterprise for this update included:

  • In the purchase orders table view, any bullet points you added to the description or notes fields weren’t displaying correctly. Now your lists will display the way you want them to.
  • Sometimes when you tried to create a linked variation quote, it wasn’t letting you click the Options button. Now you can get back to your options again!

For more information on other improvements, make sure you head over to see the release notes, and click on the 18.4.4 release!

Updated ‘Save’ and ‘Finish’ button

Now when you exit a people card file, workflow or other data entry, click Save and Finish to be taken to a nice new screen of options.

For more information on the latest release, watch the video below or head over to our release notes!