Passing on the efficiency savings

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This is part one of a three-part series that follows Tom from Allfire and his Fire Safety business journey.

Allfire is a twenty-year-old business. Tom Simmonds, Manager Director, bought the business from his father seven years ago. He later implemented simPRO and begun growing the business to where it is today with 22 staff.

From the outset, Tom decided to stay off the tools, deciding instead to treat Allfire purely as a business proposition. It’s an approach that’s proven to pay dividends.

simPRO’s Customer Portal provides auditable transparency

The fire safety industry is compliance heavy, and Allfire is required to satisfy stringent compliance regulations to remain in business. simPRO has allowed the company to build a brand based on honesty, reliance and transparency.

Using the simPRO Customer Portal, Allfire’s clients have complete access to all the information relating to their assets – from who did the work, what was done and the cost. It gives clients serious confidence to keep using Allfire for their honesty and transparency.

When it comes time to being audited, Tom actually gives the auditor a login to his simPRO Enterprise! He shows them how to use the system and leaves them to dig as deep as they like; there’s nothing to hide. Data from both the field and the office is all available and up to date for the auditors to retrieve all that they need.

“Everything’s auditable and open and transparent and that’s been really key.” Tom Simmonds, Allfire

The challenges of finding new business

Marketing a Fire Safety compliance service can be a challenge. Tom explains that rather than base their point of difference on price alone, they’ve decided instead to foster good customer relationships by being open, honest and transparent.

Another key differentiator is their efficiencies, which enable them to pass cost savings on to their clients.

“We can do a risk assessment quicker than anybody else, therefore we pass the savings on.” Tom Simmonds, Allfire

Using the simPRO API to optimise risk assessments in the field

Carrying out over 8000 risk assessments every year, Allfire know a thing or two about carrying out work in all manner of environments and scenarios in the field.

So, they’ve developed an app for their field technicians, which they’ll also be selling to other key industry bodies, that’s specifically designed for carrying out risk assessments.

Using the simPRO API, they’re able to easily pull data from simPRO to their device. The pre-populated form is then completed there and then in the field and submitted as a PDF back to simPRO and attached to the job.

“If it isn’t auditable, it hasn’t happened.” Tom Simmonds, Allfire

Through the use of the mobile app simPRO Connect, everything that’s carried out in the field, including all the photos and job safety analysis, is also attached to the job.

Further, all defects that are detected as part of the assessment are automatically added to the job.

In the following video, Tom Simmonds explains the key drivers he attributes to Allfire’s success.