SMS messages are a technological feat not uncommon by any means to the thriving digital world around us. However, with a read rate of nearly 100%, what does sometimes seem lost on trade contracting businesses is the value of this simple service when it comes to improving ease of communication.

simPRO’s mission to help businesses increase productivity and profits has taken a leap forward with its latest release of SMS plans to complement its job management solutions. In light of this, we’d like to remind field service businesses of the benefits that accompany SMS-use in the trade contracting sector. So, below are just six reasons you should be using SMS messages in your business.

98% of text messages are read

According to 2017 data from txtsignal, 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes of receiving them. When comparing this with email, who’s read rate averages around 20% for the lifetime of a message sent using the service, this is some fantastic data. If this information wasn’t enough either, statistics from Intelligent Contacts indicate that sending and receiving a text is 10 times faster than placing a voice call! What does this mean for your team and your customers? Faster, more efficient communication and more time on the job.

Better professionalism

As the data above indicates, you can easily let customers know that a technician is on their way, inform them if there is a delay or tell your staff there has been a job schedule change with the SMS function - no matter who they are, they will appreciate your professionalism through the quick but important and considerate communication of information! SMS notifications can be set up to send automatically from simPRO, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Short and sweet

With around 160 characters per text message, SMS messages are short, but to the point. They get the message through and, according to 2016 data from a study by Dynmark, can even have a high response rate of around 43% within 15 minutes.

Rollover credit & keep send record in simPRO

When you send an SMS from simPRO, you keep a record of messages sent including the sender, time sent, receiver and the message sent, all in one place - meaning you can maintain a watchful eye over your company’s communication, internally and externally. Plus, any unused credit can also be rolled over for up to two months!

SMS is affordable

With simPRO, you can send 100 to 1,000 texts a month starting from just $10 as we offer SMS plans for small to medium enterprises through to large corporates, saving you up to 60% compared to using third-party services. As this service is provided by simPRO, there is no need for a separate SMS provider either, meaning SMS costs are simply added to your simPRO invoice.

No lock-in contracts

Pay by the month without the worry of a lock-in contract - you are in control.

You can find out more about simPRO SMS by visiting or contacting 0800 100 854 to get started.

Ready to start using SMS in simPRO?

Head to System > Licences or Subscriptions > SMS tab > Select a SMS Plan > Click Request SMS Plan