Our next release, rolling out from October 14, 2018, is for simPRO Enterprise users and has a number of general improvements for the Retentions tool, as well as updates to both the Sales and Project Dashboard designed to improve user experience and efficiency.

We regularly review suggestions in the simPRO Ideas Portal and use them, and other comments, to identify areas for improvement in simPRO Service and Enterprise. If you’ve got a suggestion, make sure to head there to let us know!

So, what’s new this fortnight?

  • Retention Improvements
  • Sales Dashboard Update
  • Project Dashboard Update

Retention Improvements

Our simPRO team have been tinkering away at Retentions recently, and are proud to be offering up a number of different improvements to the tool for Enterprise users - including updates to the user interface that now offer even more precise calculations.

Sales Dashboard Update

Those team members who access the Sales Dashboard within simPRO Enterprise can now get a quick view of their sales goals - even when no invoices have been created against cost centres for that month - giving your staff the guidance to stay on task, 24/7.

Project Dashboard Update

In addition to this, salespeople in simPRO can now also use the Project Dashboard to view their active jobs and invoiced amounts over the past 12 weeks! This means that your sales team can be across the board when it comes to spending and goals, giving them all the more information to guide them in their day-to-day targets.

For more information on the latest release, and to learn about even more improvements we’ve made to scheduling, watch the video below or head over to our release notes!