The change is phenomenal

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We last visited Natalie at C & G Services in Hampshire back in November 2014. The company had only recently moved into a new premises and had a staff count of four. In November 2016, we dropped in for another catch-up to see how things had changed for Natalie and the team since settling in to the new site and embedding simPRO into the business.

With ten staff now on the books, the business is growing steadily – Natalie says this wouldn’t be possible without simPRO.

Grow as big as you like

Nearly every client we visit says “simPRO grows with us”. After fifteen years of development heavily driven by client feedback, simPRO today has an enormous list of features.

A simPRO user will typically begin by using just the essentials, then as they learn more, discover more and require more, they begin to use features already built and waiting to be integrated into the business workflow.

Natalie makes it clear that “without systems in place such as simPRO, Sage and their own procedures, growth would simply not have been possible.”

The change is phenomenal

simPRO has given C & G Services the freedom to expand to the level they have achieved today.

“The change is phenomenal; it’s the only way I can describe it.” Natalie Deans

Servicing assets is core to their business model, which is an area where simPRO excels. They now have all the details of every client stored in the simPRO system –  and all the details and history of every machine for every client is readily accessible.

So, when a client calls and needs a part for a machine, Natalie has those details in front of her and can organise to have the correct part sent to the client in no time.

“In the past, I’ve even had to send an engineer to the site to confirm which machine needed repair to find which part needed to be ordered!”

The simPRO workflow

The list of features in simPRO are designed to flow in a sequential manner for the trade service industry but can be adjusted for the unique requirements of the business. The logical flow makes it simple to train new staff and get them up to speed without losing too much time in training.

“You select the customer, you select the site and you just roll through…”

The local support

Natalie loves the local simPRO support. When a business relies so heavily on simPRO to keep operations running, it’s good to know that, should you need it, support is just a phone call away in your own timezone.

Whether an issue can be solved on the spot or whether an issue needs further investigation, the simPRO Support team are always happy to help and will work to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Natalie says that the support in the UK office goes above and beyond, which gives her the confidence to grow the business.

“If simPRO is offline, we're offline. But simPRO has hardly any downtime.”


You’ll have noticed by now we’re always interested in the new lifestyle simPRO has afforded simPRO users.

In 2016, Natalie was able to take two holidays, including her first overseas trip in more than 11 years.

Watch the full interview.