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How does simPRO Mobile work?

simPRO Mobile is an integrated suite of modules for effective field service management.

With the option to turn access to modules on or off, you can adjust the mobile app to match the needs of each technician.

From field sales through to scheduling, job management and timesheets, the simPRO Mobile app provides the tools your business needs to streamline workflow on the go.

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Align scheduling and job management to enhance field mobility.

With real-time sync between office and field, live schedule updates, job details and service history, technicians are empowered to deliver exceptional customer service.

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Turn simPRO Mobile into a powerful timesheet app for field service technicians.

Technicians can record and edit time blocks with greater ease, autonomy and flexibility for enhanced timesheet management.

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Quote and Sales

Take your field sales to the next level and boost revenue on the front line.

Empower service technicians to upsell and cross sell with professional quotes that clearly highlight cost savings and benefits.

The service app that works everywhere

Even in this digital age, field staff may need to work in remote locations, underground and other areas without internet connectivity.

simPRO Mobile ensures technicians can access the last-synced data and continue their field service work, without impacting on their efficiency, when using the app offline.


  • Offline access to key information such as schedules and jobs
  • Carry out normal workflows such as audits and digital signature capture to prevent disruption to technicians and customers
  • Ability to download key attachments before going offline
  • Automatic synchronisation when a connection is re-established
  • Location geo-stamping for technicians

Boost your field service productivity

simPRO Mobile improves knowledge in the field so technicians can complete more jobs with higher first time fix rates.

Ensure work flows quickly and easily through the business, from the initial point of contact with a customer, to the final invoicing.


Complete field service scheduling, dispatch and job management workflows:

  • Live scheduling updates displaying current, upcoming and past jobs for the day. Access to all pending progress, scheduled or assigned jobs
  • High accuracy GPS navigation. Assign travel time to pre-defined travel schedule rates such as after hours or long distance
  • Click-to-call site and job details
  • Job details including other technicians or contractors scheduled to be on-site
  • Comprehensive knowledge base with direct access to job and site attachments, photos and past service history
  • Pre and post-audits for enhanced safety
  • Pause work to stop the clock at any time
  • Inventory management
  • In-field note and photo capture with immediate sync to office
  • Enhanced job card with technician and customer signature capture. Email signed job card directly to any contact
  • Issue invoices and collect customer payments

Flexible timesheet management for field technicians

Whether scheduling staff for complex projects or simple service jobs, you can improve both schedule and reporting accuracy.

With simPRO Mobile, your mobile workforce become time-savvy technicians, which helps drive efficiency and cost reduction.


Efficiently track time and costs across project and service work:

  • Daily clock on and off
  • Create new time blocks for quotes, jobs and activities
  • Update and record time for billable and non-billable work in real-time or retrospectively
  • Easily distribute time between multiple cost centres based on hours or percentage of the time worked
  • Access key information including site and customer notes, schedule notes for activities and cost centre and job descriptions and work notes
  • Quickly duplicate time blocks for employees, contractors and plant equipment
  • View multiple weeks including past, current and upcoming scheduled time. Compare scheduled and completed work to identify and rectify unaccounted time blocks or conflicts.

Close more sales in the field

Empower your technicians to immediately solve customer problems and contribute to revenue growth, with the tools to quote and sell on the go.


Increase revenue on the front line:

  • Instantly create quotes and convert into sales in the field
  • Include images, videos and manuals to support the sales process
  • Offer multiple quote options professionally on the fly
  • Clearly communicate the value of membership and other services with standard pricing and savings displayed
  • Offer add-on pricing for discounted rates for multiple services delivered on the same day


Do I need to buy the modules separately?

No, you only need one licence to access all simPRO Mobile modules.

Does the mobile app work offline?

Yes, simPRO Mobile has robust offline features and background syncing to ensure field technicians can do their jobs wherever they are.

Is simPRO Mobile a stand-alone app?

No, the field service app complements simPRO’s end-to-end field service management software to ensure office-to-field efficiency.

What operating systems does the app support?

simPRO Mobile works across Android v 4.4 and above, and iOS 9 and above.

What do I need to do to get started with simPRO?

Simply fill out this form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and requirements.

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What training is available?

simPRO Mobile is designed to be user-friendly without a steep learning curve. Our learning resources such as the simPRO Learning l Toolbox include free, self-paced learning modules to help your team master simPRO Mobile.

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Resources to help field service professionals

simPRO Learning is an extensive hub for self-learning materials that enable fast knowledge transfer and on-the-job training. Learn how to use simPRO Mobile and access the simPRO Learning l Toolbox, included in your simPRO user licence.

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